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Fees --

How do I pay for sessions? 

  • Private Pay

    • 50 minute sessions are $125

I am an out of network provider. This simply means that I do not bill the insurance companies directly. It is recommended that you contact your insurance prior to therapy and get authorization. After sessions I can provide you with an itemized invoice with the correct coding required for reimbursement.


How would your clients describe your approach?

Honest, challenging to promote change but always empathetic


How do I know I'm ready for therapy?

Great question! If you are at the place where you realize that there is something within you to fulfill but there is also something within you that blocks you. Simply put, you know you are ready when you are no longer comfortable with being comfortable.

If I'm not the right fit, I have a network of amazing referrals. 


Who is the right fit for  virtual therapy?

Everyone is the right fit for therapy! It’s all about finding the right therapist that fits with you. Most importantly you must be ready to do the hard but beautiful work that therapy requires. 


Do you lose the effectiveness of therapy virtually?

The short answer: No. 

With years of experience providing services virtually as a counselor and coach you can guarantee quality care, secure video sessions and easy to use software. Research shows that virtual counseling + coaching is just as effective as in office, as the setting does not change the quality or benefits. I can promise you that each session we will dig deep, deal with what's within and do the work. However, I can't do the work for you but I can do the work with you as much as you are willing. 


How do I book you to speak or teach at my next event? 

I would be honored. Complete the contact form on the site with your request or email:


A few of my favorite speaking topics:

  • The Whole soul. The Whole you.

  • Rescuing Your Potential

  • Changing the narrative…Rewriting the story you tell yourself

  • All Clear - Healing perspective. Healing the soul.

  • The Lies women believe and the truth that make us free. 

  • Unwounded - Parental and relational wounds


Why Virtual?

I believe in removing as many excuses as possible that get in the way of your transformational healing. I use a virtual platform that is easy to use and works with your busy schedule. Plus, you can wear your pajamas without judgement!


When will I see change?

The healing and  transformation is a journey that comes in moments, steps, and decisions to turn from the old and into the new. Change takes time, tough decisions and intentionality. All things I will help you with but I cannot do for you. I can't promise you it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

The short answer: With time, patience, grace and


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